RussianGirls4u Review: When Western men seek Russian brides

What can you expect from RussianGirls4u?

On the site RussianGirls4u, Russian women who are interested in a relationship with a man from the Western World can connect with just those men – and vice versa. Men can also find women from countries like the Ukraine and Belarus on the site, so it is not just limited to Russia as shown on the map. When you visit RussianGirls4u, you can initially become a free member, but you will soon see that becoming a gold member (i.e. paying for your membership) has plenty of advantages and will enable you to get what you want in a faster and more convenient way. - Your Russian Marriage Site – Your Russian Marriage Site

How easy and pleasant is it to use RussianGirls4u?

The website has the goal to help Western men to find a Russian woman that is willing to date them and even marry them. The best and easiest option to do so is to become a gold member (a paid member with full access to all functions). Once you are a gold member, you can easily contact the women you are most interested in and if you aren’t a total jerk, you will usually get a fast reply from the women on the site (so just make sure you don’t act like an idiot). The website is well designed and the attractive members of the opposite sex naturally also help to make the site look quite appealing. It is easy to search for a certain type of woman and narrow down the search result by fine-tuning your search. It couldn’t be easier!

Is a SCAM?

Those that criticize RussianGirls4u and call it a scam are usually cmen who expect top find their ideal woman within a short period of time that don’t know a damn thing about this site. RussianGirls4u is one of the few legit Mail Order Brides dating sites you will find.

Is a SCAM? The answer is NO!

Is a SCAM? The answer is NO!

How does the website about Russian women for marriage compare against similar sites?

There are plenty of Dating Site Reviews out there, and all of them will try to tell you that the website they have reviewed is the best. While RussianGirls4u is really a good site, it is a matter of taste in the end. Is the selection on the site what you are looking for? Do you like the design of the site? Then it definitely is the site you should use – but if the sexy Russian girls are not for your taste, then it might be better to have a look at something different.

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