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Is Dating4Real really a real Dating Site?

Dating4Real Reviewed. Is it legit?

According to the site itself Dating4Real is one of the fastest growing general dating sites and is becoming more and more popular in many countries around the globe. Many men and women messaged us and asked us to review Dating4Real. We had a closer look at what the dating site has to offer and if singles can really find “Relationship & Love” just as the site promises.

Is Dating4Real a SCAM?

First of all we need to make clear that Dating4Real is an absolutely trustworth online dating site. No, it is not the best online dating site in our opinion but  it is absolutely real and that is why it receives our Anti Dating Scam seal.

ANTI DATING SCAM - Seal of quality

Is Dating4Real a SCAM? The answer is NO!

What makes Dating4Real a good general dating site?

Dating4Real has a large member base with many authentic singles (men and women) from almost every country in the world. It is primarily targeting heterosexual relationships but also gives homosexual singles the option to meet each other. But we would rather advise you to use it for heterosexual dating (feel free to take a look at our Gay Dating Site Reviews if you are looking for a homosexual relationship). One thing we immediately noticed was that their member base does not equally cover all countries in the world. Creating a profile in Eastern Europe will not give you access to the same number of members you will find in – for example – North America. We strongly suggest to avoid Dating4Real if you are from Russia and from some parts of Asia (China and Indonesia). Maybe Dating4Real will manage to get more members from those countries in the near future but for now (September 2016) we advise you to use our other reviewed general dating sites if you are from one of those countries.

Joining Dating4Real you immediately notice the majority of members are real and authentic. Although we found a few fake profiles, it is very clear that they put a special focus on screening and checking the authenticity of their members. This makes Dating4Real a good dating site. It is good to know that men and women behind the profiles are usually real.

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Dating4Real – Find Relationship & Love

Should you join Dating4Real?

You might wonder whether you should join Dating4Real. Yes and No! We think that if you are from some parts of Eastern Europe, like Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Moldavia, as well as from some countries in Asia like China and Indonesia, you should most likely avoid Dating4Real. Sticking with a different general dating site will be a better choice for you. For everyone else Dating4Real is a good alternative to all the other established general dating sites and always worth checking out. You can start with a free profile and browse through the member base.

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