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CougarLife: This is a no nonsense dating site for those who know what they want!

You will come across numerous dating websites where you will be wooed and enticed in many different ways. Some sites will actually say and do anything to get you to sign up. If you are looking for such camouflaged and sugarcoated dating websites then is not for you. If you want a no nonsense dating site and you know what you want, then CougarLife can be an amazing experience.

Sneak a Peek inside the world of CougarLife

The name itself explains what the site is all about. It is a dating site where young men can find older women and cougars can find younger studs. If you like cougars or if you like young men then this site is where you should be. There are single moms, divorcees, spinsters, working women from various professions looking for a good time and there are younger studs from various walks of life. It is unlikely that you wouldn’t like the dating prospects or you wouldn’t find what you are looking for. You may want a casual date, you may want a good friend or you may just want to hook up for some sex without any strings attached. There are profiles which have distinct preferences and you can approach those who share your objective.

Is a SCAM?

Let us make clear: We believe there are better options for cougar dating, for example Still, CougarLife is basically legit and one of the few good Cougar dating sites. Contrary to most other cougar dating site you will find mostly real and authentic women on CougarLife as well.

ANTI DATING SCAM - Seal of quality

Is CougarLife a SCAM? The answer is NO!

Dating Site Reviews: CougarLife

A typical dating site review will always focus on the various inflated positives. But since this site has a no nonsense approach, it is best to be cutthroat and brutally honest. You can sign up for this site without paying anything but it is a limited profile. If you are serious about dating a cougar then you should become a premium member. Let’s be real. If you want a date without paying any service fees to a site then try your luck on social networks. The premium membership comes with a no refund policy. And that is absolutely reasonable considering the fact that you get to test the site before you pay up. So take the test phase seriously and then pay up to become a member when you know you will be satiated.

CougarLife is a rare dating site that doesn’t hold anything back. You will find it difficult to find a more upfront and honest dating platform beside And that is what makes both, Cougars69 AND CougarLife so special. Get rid of all the fluff, hollow promises and tall claims. Want a real date with a cougar? Sign up with CougarLife.

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